Dance competitions will take place at 2:00 p.m. each day. Each day will feature different events, as listed below. Please check back here at the end of each day for a list of medal winners.  All competition takes place at the Rockland Community College Cultural Arts Center.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2012  

 Ballet Solos 14U Artist/Title Medal
 H. Grunwerg                     Rosen aus Dem Suden Gold
 S. Nagar Study Silver
 S. Rabin Tip Toes Bronze
 Ballet Duet 14U Artist/Title Medal
 S. Rabin & D. Margolies Paradise Bronze
 Modern Solos 14 U Artist/Title Medal
 S. Edelman Go Outside Gold
 D. Margolies Politik Silver

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2012  

 Lyrical Solos 14U Artist/Title Medal
 A. Jacob                    First Love Gold
 J. Lewis Safe and Sound Silver
 A. Tropp Set Fire to the Rain Bronze
 Lyrical Duets 14U Artist/Title Medal
 S. Rabin & C. Marks Set Fire to the Rain Bronze
 Lyrical Duets 16U Artist/Title Medal
 B. Kostinden & A. Salter I Believe Gold
 Jazz Solos 14U  
 E. Fellows LA Girls Gold
 S. Edelman What a Feeling Silver
 G. Dulberg My Straight Suit Bronze
 Jazz Solos 16U  
 R. Liebergal Wide Awake  Silver
 K. Unatin When I Grow Up Bronze
 Jazz Duet 14U  
 A. Slabotsky & A. Jacob Three Gold


 Funk/HipHop/Street Solos 14U Artist/Title Medal
 G. Dulberg         Just Me & My Radio     Gold
 C. Marks     Love on Top Silver
 Funk/HipHop/Street Solos 16U Artist/Title Medal
 M. Meyers Pon de Floor Gold
 V. Bodurtha Run the World Silver
 Funk/HipHop/Street Duet/Trio 14U Artist/Title Medal
 E. Fellows & A. Weiner Nick's Chicks Gold
 C. Marks, S. Nagar, A. Tropp Best of British Silver
 Funk/HipHop/Street Group 14U  
 G. Dulberg, E. Fellows, K. Unatin, A. Weiner Just Booty Gold


 Open Solos 14U Artist/Title Medal
 A. Tropp       Pirates of the Caribbean Gold
 H. Grunwerg Terpsichorean Tempos Silver
 D. Margolies Telephone Bronze
 Tap Solos 14U Artist/Title Medal
  H. Grunwerg Steppin' Out with My Baby Gold
 Tap Solos 16U Artist/Title Medal
 A. Slabotsky Hit Me Up Gold
 V. Bodurtha 1 Question Mark Silver
 Israeli Group 14U  
 H. Grunwerg, D. Margolies, C. Marks, 
 S. Nagar, S. Rabin, A. Tropp
 Havah Vnismechah Gold

Choreography Awards  

 14U Medal
 H. Grunwerg    Gold
 A. Jacob Gold
 A. Tropp Silver
 D. Margolies Bronze

 16 U 
 V. Bodurtha Gold